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The Salish Sea is poised to become one of the largest fossil fuel exporters on the planet. Add your name to the growing community of Salish Sea champions on both sides of the border who are taking action together to protect the region from the threats of fossil fuel expansion. 

Pledge to Save the Salish Sea from becoming a fossil fuel superhighway

We are concerned about the export of fossil fuels through our shared waters. Tar sands pipelines, oil and LNG terminals and new coal ports proposed on both sides of the Canada/US border would have significant impacts on the air, ocean and wildlife, and would put community health and safety, our economy and our climate at risk. 

I  demand that new oil, coal and LNG export projects proposed for the Salish Sea be rejected, and I hereby pledge to take cross-border action to protect the Salish Sea and our climate from the threats of fossil fuel expansion. 

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